Friday, November 6, 2009

and baby makes 3!

or 5 if you count our first 2 babies, I mean puppies. After 9 months and 11 days over due, our baby boy is here.
All the cliches of motherhood/parenthood so far are true. We can't imagine life without him now(and it's only been 2 weeks). We marvel at his perfection. We spend long moments just looking at him and asking each other did we really make him? Is this really real? A new little stranger plopped into our lives, and 2 full grown humans to care for him(seriously don't know how single mothers do it, I take my hat off to them), as we try and decipher his cries. And we debate "no that was I need to poop cry" over the " I'm hungry" and "I need a cuddle with my Dad".

We are "babymooning" right now, I've fallen in love with my husband all over again. Watching him care and change and love our little button has changed our relationship for the better. I'm sure this "babymooning" stage won't last forever but I'm cherishing it while it's here.

Our little bundle!

First day with mummy after a very long and difficult labour and delivery.