Monday, June 28, 2010

tea party

This lovely lady is getting married, and couldn't be more excited!
So we had a Tea party bridal shower.

I filled the house with flowers, peonies her favorite.

Lots of cupcakes.

with edible glitter, to add a little extra sparkle.

Tea was drunk out of pretty tea cups.

And I decorated the house with hearts.
Can't wait for her big day!

Friday, June 11, 2010

forever in blue jeans

Simple, Stylish, Comfortable...
A wardrobe staple
Be it bootcut, flare or skinny
Dark wash, Black or white.
I love jeans!

And I couldn't resist these blue jean diapers.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

thank goodness for farmers markets

On Saturday mornings it's off to the farmers market we go! Some days  it's a big group my mom and sisters and I and on others, like today it was just me and baby button. Off we stroll in the morning sunshine to see what we can see and find what we can find. Today was a beautiful bunch of peonies and a lovely big head of lettuce. This time of year it is mostly plants for sale with just the beginnings of what the summers bounty of fruit and veg will be. Lovely heads of fresh lettuce, ruby red rhubarb and other early summer delights.
I love coming here. I have my favourite vendors, a lovely older Italian man, who spent much of last summer giving me extra cherries " for the baby" and sells his tomato plants in Tim Horton coffee cups. I lovely lady who sells the most amazing raisin bread . As well as the dog bakery lady, so the many dogs that come can get a treat too.

Farmers markets have a lovely community feel in an unforced sort of way. Just people together enjoying the sunshine, a chat and the lovely fresh food. It's nice to have not just a face but a person to go with your food, I have noticed lately that supermarkets like to put pictures of farmers on the packaging but this is just not the same in my book. I want our little boy to grow up and know in the summer months the person that grows his food.

And I just can't resist peonies to brighten the house!!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Saturday, January 2, 2010

lentils for luck in 2010

We started the new year with banana cranberry muffins. Pretty muffin cases make it all the tastier!
My oma's butter dish matches nicely.

Lentils are suppose to bring you luck and money when eat on the first of January and who am I to mess with lady luck. It something to do with them being round like gold coins.

So fry some bacon and  then remove when crisp.

Add chopped onions, celery and garlic to the bacon fat and cook for about 5 mins, then add in the lentils and stir to coat the them. Add one can of tomato paste and some chicken stock.
Add a tablespoon of brown sugar, bay leaf and thyme. Bring to a boil.

Turn down to a simmer and leave for a about an hour. Stir every once in a while and add more stock as needed. If like me this gives you enough time to bath, read a story, nurse and put a baby to bed. Then you have a lovely meal to enjoy sans baby.

I hope these babies bring luck and good fortune for 2010!