Monday, October 20, 2008

Bread and Yarn

Bread was on the agenda today. I love baking bread, it is the perfect thing to do on a blustery October day, and dough hook on the mixer makes it effortless. I'm in love with my kitchen aid mixer, not only do I love using it, I love the way it looks on my counter and it certainly has made my baking life easier. I made a loaf of bread and some tray buns with just a simple white bread recipe. Now the house smells great. Nothing beats the smell of freshly baked bread, it is the perfect essences of home. And they taste pretty good too!

Yarn that I have recently inherited from my mom.
I think all of these colours look great together in the October light. Just looking a these fills me excitement of things to come. I can't wait to start some projects with these little bundles of joy! I'm looking forward to a winter evenings of needles in my hands, yarn on my lap and dogs sleeping in front on the fire. I'm looking forward to the snow already! Shocking I know!

Can't wait to do some carving either, another great autumn feature!


Mrs B said...

screaaaaaaaaaaaming with envy! Love it! Right thats it! I am packing up my house and coming to live with you! sorry marc, it is just the way it is! the doggies can stay! x

Many Shades of Shabby Catablog by Devonia said...

Hi, we share a name... and as you can see, it's even spelled the same - which in my case, is not phonetic. My name is pronounced duh VON uh. If yours is the same, I feel your pain. Love your blog,