Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The merriment has arrived

Coffee and croissants to keep me going! I'm feeling much merrier this week, things are getting done and I'm pretty sure they will all be ready for Christmas. A few more late nights and I will be done. Just trying to decided if I'm going to bake a gingerbread house on Sunday.
Will see if I have the time!
Lovely reindeer candles that I got in the sale last year.

The tree is up! A bit charlie brownish but glorious all the same.

Cute Japanese Santa head.

Just got this the other day, love the vintage feel to this Santa head, even thought it's new.

The wreath, natural look with large jingle bells.

I got some Christmas baking done, this is Christmas biscotti( dried cranberry and walnut).

A extremely chocolaty cake baked for dinner with friends.

Butter tarts, they were so delicious they have all been eaten!
Will have to bake some more!

And finally star cookies with elderflower icing.
The elderflower icing really jazzes up plain vanilla cookies!
And so simple to do! just add elderflower cordial to icing sugar and hey presto!


Mrs B said...

I think youre going to be a famous cook writer, your ideas for food are so spontaneous and delicious! put your recipes on here too!! merry merry christmas! x

Mrs B said...

what is in the butter tarts?

Devon said...

will put recipe for butter tarts on here, they are a canadian thing.