Tuesday, July 14, 2009

barefoot and pregnant

yep that's me. Sorry blog land, I have wanted to write to you! but, well various things have stopped me, for one 3 and 1/2 months of truly awful morning sickness(more like 24 hours feeling and being sick), then it was mothers day(work =crazy) then we were away on holiday and just were goes the time go? I keep meaning to post, I've taken the pictures, compose the post in my head and then? and then? well it just never made it on here. But onward and upward from here. I'm back!!!

I'm in the process of planning a lovely girly tea party with 2 of my dear friends tomorrow. It's going to be filled with lovely vintage tea cups and crockery, sandwich triangles, fresh fruit, homemade ice cream and scones with cream of course. Wanted it to be clotted cream but can't get it here in Canada, I googled some recipes but it sounds to long and complicated for me. By the way isn't the words "clotted" and "cream" together about the grossest sounding combination for something that is so delicious!
One of those English quirks! Will report back later this week with tea party pictures!


Mrs B said...

yipppppppppppppeeeeeee!! can't wait wish I was there! I always love your banners! Wish I could come to tea! you look lovely! x

Devon said...

aww thanks, banner from a recent trip to seatle when tulips were in season at pike market. so were all so nice i want to smuggle them all across the borber! wish you could have come to the tea party you would have loved it!!!