Monday, February 9, 2009

a mid-winter walk

A walk Marc, our dogs (Chocolate labs named Sula and Duffy) and I went on this past weekend. We often go here in the summer but I think it's just as pretty in the winter.

Icy creek water not a problem for these too. Splish splash!

I love this picture. This is Duffy he's 10 month old and is big goofy pup with zero grace or coordination.

They like to find the biggest stick possible to drag around with them, really only small trees will do.
Sula's duck to try and prevent her from dragging giant sticks around and taking us out at the knees every 2 seconds.
A lovely day full of sunshine and happy dogs.


KirstyFish said...

You're no fun - not letting the dogs carry huge sticks ;) (oww)
My lab actually pulled a decaying railway sleeper from a pond... that is when you remeber how powerful the softest dogs can be!

Devon said...

isn't that the truth! x