Sunday, February 8, 2009

big bowls of comfort

Comfort food usually comes in bowls and this week all I wanted was big bowls of it! There is something very comforting about bowls the way they feel when held, the warmth they give hands when their contents are hot and steamy. There is something almost primordial about them and I just can imagine that cave men (and women) sat around fires with bowls of warm dinosaur soup in their hands. This was one of those weeks where I was trying to use up stuff I already had, food was cooked by memory and feel with what I had on hand, tasting and adding as I went along. This is my favorite type of cooking although I love finding and trying new recipes and I have a vast cook book collection to prove it although I suspect I like the pictures and ideas more then anything else, it's nice to feel like an crazy chemist in the kitchen! Most of the time they turn out great but sometimes a gruel slop like thing comes out and it is usually when I have added to many ingredients, simple is usually better. This is most of this weeks fare.

Carrot and coriander soup with scones.

Leek and potato soup

A big bowl of cherries

Chicken wings BBQ and Franks red hot served with garlic bread.

Chorizo and bacon hash served with mash potatoes.
The worlds best mash potatoes, I use a food mill to mash them and then add lashing of butter and milk as well as salt and pepper. The texture the food mill gives the potatoes is smooth and creamy. I could literally eat this whole bowl! Homemade chicken strips with warm potato salad.
Turkey pot pie.
Vanilla ice cream.
Vanilla Rice pudding
Little lemon puddings!
It sure was a yummy week, tonight I'm having grill cheese sandwiches not in a bowl but very comforting nonetheless. February makes me want to wrap myself in warm blankets with a bowl of something warm in my hands.


meplusmolly said...

All your food looks soooo lovely! It's made me v hungry so I may have to skip off for something to eat now!
Yep, all I want to do at the mo is wrap up and keep warm this month too ;0

Tilly said...

These are many of my favourites too. Leek and potato soup is frequently on the menu here and I love cherries, and ice cream, and mash - yum!

katiecrackernuts said...

I am in love with this menu. Love. Love. Love.