Monday, January 12, 2009

a day in the life

My amaryllis is blooming and I have been gazing at it longingly, wishing I could "honey I shrunk the kids" myself and sit inside its giant trumpet. I did some shopping, love this red shopping bag that my sister gave me for christmas.

I baked some bread and I think I have really turn a corner on my bread making skills. My lovely husband gave me a bread book for christmas and it has some great tips. Today I made a half wholewheat/half white flour basic bread recipe but I think the real difference was made by putting a roasting tin half full of boiling water in the oven while the bread was baking and brushing the top of the bread with salt water(disolve a pinch on salt into 2 tbsp of water) before baking. It made for the most gorgeous bread, nice crusty crust and a lovely soft middle. I'm seriously thinking of baking my own bread once a week now. Plus it fills the house the best aroma!
Bread punching, the best stress reliever!
The finished product, with my new book.
I also baked some lemon and pistachio biscotti.

I also did some cleaning, check out my lovely dusting cloths and I love the smell of lemon pledge.

Lemon table arrangement

I treated myself to some pretty spray roses, these are called pink flash.
I love their tiger strip petals!


Mrs B said...

gorgeous! I want your house and your clever bread making skills! x

Devon said...

ah, i'm going send you a long e-mail right now no more procastinating!