Wednesday, January 7, 2009

pro poppin'

My new popcorn marker "The pro popper", I love this thing! My mom has one from years ago and I have been looking for one for ages and last week I finally found one! Both my sisters bought one well! It really makes the best popcorn, we don't have a microwave so haven't been able to make popcorn at home, not that I really like microwave popcorn, it's too chemically tasting. So now popcorn is only a few cranks away for movie night perfection.Now I just have to look for recipe for sweet popcorn for my English husband, I have to say that the half sweet/half salty mix is my favorite, and I always get it when I'm at English cinemas.
The internal mixing paddle.

The best popping corn and hubby also loves these popcorn shakers( dill pickle is his favorite).

Heating on the hob.

Time to crack and hear the pop, pop, pop...

Popped and full to the brim.

Pour melted butter over.

Sprinkle with salt.

Enjoy with a lovely beverage, scary movie and good company!


Mrs B said...

thats it I am afraid that you have to come back and live here! what a gorgeous, homey post! And its weird because that is exactly what we are doing tonight! Renting Dark Knight and making popcorn!! x miss you so much! x

Devon said...

ahhh, miss you too, a big part of me would love to move back, as it is articly cold here like -25c. and i am missing my friends so much. enjoy your film. love and miss you! x