Sunday, January 25, 2009

in the laps of luxury

Bath time in the laps of luxury, well sort of. OK, so my only luxury is this.

This gorgeous Cath Kidston bubble bath that I got for Christmas from my best friend! In fact all my U.K. Christmas parcels contained some Cath Kidston stuff, oh my friends know me so well! As for the rest of the bathroom it doesn't have any luxury in it at all. More like small, dark and dated. It has been on the chopping block for the better part of a year but still it sits untouched. I keep telling myself we are going to get it done soon but it keeps falling down the list. And you know when you're going to rip something out, you kind of think well, there is no point in doing a really good clean, cause it's going to be ripped out soon anyway. Yeah. After a year it makes your already ugly bathroom covered in pretty orange and black mold. Nice! Also our bathtub is one of those really cheap shallow builder grade baths. So when you lie in it you you have to contort your body so that any body part below your neck has to be touching the bottom of the bath for max water coverage and less chance of hypothermia. But despite it's many pitfalls, I still love taking baths, I just can't wait till we get this reno done!So when I emerge from my lovely bath looking more like a lobster then a human, a little post bath foot care is in order. Lotions and red nail polish, my absolute favorite. I wish I could wear nail polish on my fingers but work makes it impossible, it just chips and my hands always have ground in dirt on them anyway(yep, it's embarrassing but part and parcel of the job). Toes on the other hand(pun intended) are fair game and I kind of like having a little sexy secret under many layers of thick socks and warm boots. I think that red nail polish is sexy and glamours and it makes me feel feminine and pretty in these Canadian winter months when layers and layers of clothes are required to stay warm.

Here they are in all their sexy red glory!
I don't like feet, especially mine but I thought I'd post this anyway. Hope you're not too grossed out, and they were just scrubbed clean!


meplusmolly said...

love the red nail polish! Ooo and products from The Sanctuary too, love those. It's always good floating out on a cloud of parfumed goodness from a self indulgent bath! ;0

Mrs B said...

tee hee!! Love it! Great post!! You have shamed me into taken off the horrible blue I got for Christmas and painting them back my favourite 1950's holiday bikini red...well thats what I think it should be called...I think it i s actually just 005....BORING! x

Devon said...

1950's holiday bikini red, LOVE IT! you should be one of those colour namer people! LOVE sanctuary too, almost as much as my cath stuff!! you are both tooooo kind for not being grossed out by my toes!