Tuesday, January 6, 2009

new years reflection

Well, a new year is here. A time to reflect on the past 365 days and ponder the future. For some resolutions are in order but not for me. I have never really been into resolutions it always seems to involve giving something up. I would much rather just make goals, something to work towards instead of something to give up. My goals for 2009 are to organize and keep the house organized, make more things handmade, live in the present and to be more patient. I think some of these are more easily attainable then others. I have started with the organizing of the house, I have decided to tackle this with a bit of a plan, going to do one room at time, one day at time. And with any luck in a week or two the house will be organized. As for handmade things I'm planing on starting a quilt in the near future, as well as more knitting and more cooking and baking. Apparently everyone has marmalade on the brain but I have a glutton of oranges so will probably make some on the weekend.
I retired the tree this past weekend and it always make feel a bit sad, I miss her sparkly presents in the corner of my living room. I always feel a bit down after the holidays, family from out of town have gone home, the decorations are put away and it's back to work. With nothing but blah January left, with it's dark and cold days when spring feels oh so far way. But the promise of new projects and an organized house make me feel better towards January. January really does get the short end of the stick, everyone really only likes the first day and even then it does mark the end of the holidays. But I shall try and relish her this year and enjoy her dark evenings filled with comfort cooking, cosy knitting and new films enjoyed from the sofa. I hope your January is filled with much of the same.

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